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Here are some our past kittens. These kittens are not available.

Please visit our AVAILABLE page. 

Litter of kittens Stella, Pino & Shira

Sire : Gamesha´s Chipmunk - persian shaded golden

Dam :  Nilay von El Farisha - persian shaded golden

born : 18th of August 2010



Stella - shaded golden female  &  Pino - shaded golden male 

Shira - shaded golden female 


Here are pictures of kittens from :

 Sire : Gamesha´s Chipmunk - persian

Dam :  Candy v. Schlangenbach  - persian



RIGT -  Cosima von Schlangenbach - shaded golden female ....  left - Paddy ...


Cosima at 7 and 5 weeks



Cosima & Paddy  at 4 weeks



Paddy - male at 3 weeks


Cosima - female & Paddy - male at 2 weeks

 Paddy von Schlangenbach , shaded golden male at 7 weeks

born 2010

 Casey von Schlangenbach, shaded golden male at 9 weeks

born 2010

Charlene von Schlangenbach - shaded golden female at 9 weeks 

born 2010

 Charisma von Schlangenbach, shaded golden female at 9 week ( left ) and 5 weeks ( right )

born 2010



Our last kittens in 2009
left: Leon vom Schlangenbach, Owner: Mrs. Wolff
right: Luigi vom Schlangenbach, Owner: Mrs. Schellbach, Nürnberg ( also owner of our Giuseppe)

Giovanni & Giuseppe at 11 weeks

 Giuseppe von Schlangenbach aka "Mozart" 
  shaded golden male
owner : Mrs.Schellbach, Nurnberg
                                          Giuseppe at 4 weeks...

Giovanni von Schlangenbach 
shaded golden male
 owner : Fam.Mager of Schwabmünchen
at 7,5 weeks
at 4 weeks 

Fidelio von Schlangenbach 
chinchilla silver male at 4 weeks
 owner :  to Sabrina 
at 3 months
at 7,5 weeks
Fidelio at 4 and 3 weeks...


Silver Magic v. Schlangenbach & Silver Sweety Pie v.Schlangenbach


These kittens were born many years ago. Aren´t they sweet ?



Perla v.Schlangenbach ( born April 2009 )  with my dear friend Katja Brauner

Mogli v.Schlangenbach ( left ) with my dear friend Sabine Mayer - Ender


.....and Mogli v.Schlangenbach again...


Benny v.Schlangenbach ( born 2001 ) with my dear friend Sieglinde König


Shirocco von Schlangenbach, shaded golden male, born 2008, owner  - Hr.Grimm



Silver Super Star v.Schlangenbach - shaded silver male

( Euro.Gr.Int.Ch. Don Tom v.d.Königsburg x Int.Ch.Sweet Gina v Drachenfels )



Ebby von Schlangenbach, shaded silver female,  born 2007



            Percy  von Schlangenbach, shaded silver male, born 2009           Mogli von Schlangenbach, shaded golden male, born 2009


Candy von Schlangenbach, shaded golden  female,  born 2007



Silver Sweety-Pie v.Schlangenbach

( Euro.Gr.Int.Ch. Don Tom v.d.Königsburg x Gr.Int.Ch.Eucker´s Over The Rainbow )


Luigi v.Schlangenbach, shaded golden male, born 2007


Owner : Sabine Mayer-Ender of Kempten

Golden Sunny Boy v.Schlangenbach, shaded golden male


Kittens from " Don Tom" x " Tiffany